We offer moderation services for Training Providers as this is a requirement of P.F.T.C (Professional Firearms Trainers Council) accredited training providers.  The Training Provider will need a signed MOU (memorandum of understanding) between themselves and Global Firearm Trainers as their EXTERNAL Moderator.

There are four quarters in a year. Moderation’s needs to be completed in these quarters and moderator reports needs to be submitted to P.F.T.C. These reports are required to be kept at the offices for any verification visit from P.F.T.C.

The Responsible person at the Training Provider is to send your P.F.T.C Learner Achievements for each quarter of the year so that we can allocate 10% of the portfolios for off-site moderation. We also facilitate on-site moderation during assessment.

Failure to comply with quarterly submissions will result in withdrawal of the Moderation MOU and PFTC will be informed accordingly.