Global firearm trainers is accredited with SAPFTC as a training provider and also with SAPS as a training institution. Our shooting facilities meet with the standards required by the SABS and accredited by SAPS.

Global firearm trainers was established to bring about accredited, quality firearm training/assessment in terms of the Firearms Control Act 2000, (Act 60 of 2000) to both the Security Industry and general public. This legislation requires every person who owns or possesses a firearm to obtain a competency certificate. A competency certificate is required for re-licensing of an existing firearm licence and licensing of new firearms.

Requirement for private Firearm ownership or first-time firearm ownership

Applicable to security guards and anybody else who is issued with a company firearm.

Applicable to all persons who will need to supervise the operation of a shooting range or shooting exercises for business or sport purposes.

Applicable to all persons who will need to supervise firearm training

Intended for all persons who would need to use a firearm/s in a tactical environment or for personal enhancement.

Any licence holder who wishes to master fundamentals and techniques

Any licence holder who wishes to advance his skills in a defensive environment

Anyone who wishes to experience the fun side of shooting (Team building, events, individuals)

A wide range of qualifications
(Receive an international training certificate)